Homeopathic Consultation and Services

Homeopathic Consultation

Homeopathic consultation is designed to allow me time to talk about your health history and your concerns. The information you share will allow me to assess your specific symptoms and understand your condition so that a suitable course of treatment can be prescribed.

The Homeopathic remedies I prescribe reflect all of you, not just your physical symptoms but your mental and emotional responses too. It is chosen for you alone.

Number and Frequency of Treatments

The number of treatments you require depends on your symptoms, the severity and how long you have been suffering from them. The majority of my patients have an improvement within 1-3 appointments.

A follow up appointment is usually within 4-6 weeks from your first treatment. This enables me to adjust your prescription as required to continue the improvements to your health.

Your First Appointment

The first appointment is normally between 1 & 1 ½ hours as there is a lot of information to gather!

Follow Up Appointments

Follow up appointments are up to 45 minutes.

Acute Consultation

An acute condition is considered something that comes on quickly, such as a sore throat, colds and flu, a stomach upset or minor injuries. Chronic conditions such as depression, arthritis will need a full consultation appointment.

Online Consultations

Available Worldwide

Book an appointment to connect via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp. Facetime or in person.


Fees include remedies and email support between appointments.  Payment is made in full in advance of the consultation. Additional remedies issued between appointments are £10.

Postage and Packing

£5 charge for postage & packaging of your remedies.


Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation or full payment is due. If I have to change dates or cancel at short notice  I will refund you in full.

The Remedies

The remedies are usually given as small pills or drops. Their method of preparation means that they are highly diluted and safe to take alongside pharmaceutical medicines.  My homeopathic supplies are sourced from licensed homeopathic pharmacies. I might also suggest nutritional or herbal supplements to support your health or advise you on hair mineral testing to get a comprehensive view of your current health. These are an additional charge.

My Fees include remedies and email support between appointments.

Additional remedies issued between appointments £10 – £20.

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