Puberty through to Menopause, A Helping Hand for all Generations

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Homeopathy is your gentle and steadfast friend

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Homeopathy can resonate with your own rhythms, supporting your physical, mental and emotional health to help you meet the challenges of modern living whatever your stage of life.

At a time when the modern woman is supposed to have it all, life can be a real struggle. Women may be juggling many different roles (e.g. successful working mother, loyal friend, supportive partner, devoted carer). The pressures of these demands can take their toll, both emotionally and physically. As we transition to different life stages we also see changes in the rhythm and cycle to life as a woman. This can demand flexibility and resilience when time, support or resources are out of balance.

Homeopathy can be a holistic and sensitive way to echo and resonate with your own rhythms, supporting your physical, mental and emotional health to help you meet the challenges of modern life.


There’s nothing more natural or normal than a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is a feature of life but there is no such thing as a “typical period”, the length and flow is very individual. Some women have no bother at all, while for others they can be extremely painful with mood changes with extreme cases having their everyday life completely disrupted.

Homeopathy can make a difference. Here are a couple of remedies which could   support women. For any long-lasting symptoms, talk to your GP or seek a Homeopathic consultation with me to give you an individualised and personalised treatment plan to help you.

Magnesium phosphoricum

This remedy is brilliant for period pains with cramping that you have to press your abdomen to get any relief. Using heat on your abdomen helps as well. If this is you then this remedy in 30c can have a dramatic impact. It can be taken as 3 doses mid-menstrual cycle, about 2 weeks before a period is due.


This remedy is associated with heavy menstrual blood loss, which may be dark with clots. As there are a number of conditions that can cause heavy periods, you should seek a general health check from your GP and also seek a personalised homeopathic opinion to help you.

Morning Sickness

The fantastic news of discovering  that you are  pregnant often comes hand in hand with morning sickness! This can cause vomiting in half of all pregnant mothers to varying degrees and nausea in more than 80% in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Unlike it’s name suggests, morning sickness can occur at any time of the day and can be a real struggle to cope with. While it is very common, each woman’s experience of it can be different, which makes the tailored nature of homeopathy an ideal support treatment.

Stress and a busy life can make the nausea & sickness worse, so if possible, get plenty of rest and both physical & emotional support can make a big difference. If you’re unable to eat or drink properly, try sipping on drinks like fresh ginger tea or have fresh sliced lemon in water which can help. Nibbling on plain crackers or biscuits can help as well. The travel acupressure bands are worth a try as well as they can help relieve nausea.

Homeopathy can be called on to provide help if symptoms are persistent & difficult. Although caution must always be taken in pregnancy to avoid use of medicines unless prescribed by or recommended by your doctor, homeopathy can be a safe & versatile option. In rare cases of severe vomiting, seek help & advice from your doctor or midwife.

Listed below are a few remedies. There are MANY remedies that can be used by a professional  Homeopath if these don’t fit your symptoms.



This is a remedy that helps those with fragile emotions. A classic hormonal remedy. They are always welling up & feel tearful and need support from those around them. Sensitive to their environment, they frequently get headaches and feel better with people nearby. They easily overheat indoors or when out & about & will find busy shops unbearable and stuffy. In addition, they’ll feel the need to walk & get fresh air from open windows.

Nux vomica

Nux vomica

Better known as the remedy to turn to when you’ve overindulged in rich food or alcohol & are suffering from a hangover or indigestion. Nux Vomica can also be excellent for pregnancy sickness & nausea. It is particularly helpful to those who feel their symptoms are at their worse when they first wake up in the morning. Maybe for people who may feel hungry & want to eat but doing so makes them feel even worse. If this remedy is for you, you’ll feel chilly & irritable, as if you have little patience of  things like lights, noises or  even other people will get on your nerves. You may also feel constipated.


This is a helpful remedy for women who find they really dislike even the faintest smell of cigarette smoke, such as on someone else’s clothing. It may be that the person used to smoke themselves. The early signs of pregnancy remind them of the nausea that’s experienced by smokers.

In addition, they’ll experience motion sickness when they’re travelling in a car, bus or train. In these situations they’ll need the window to be open or they will have an intense feeling of needing to stop and get out.

Menopause & Peri-menopause

A picture of lots of words describing the symptoms of menopause, hot flushes, irregular periods, osteoporosis.

A life phase that can begin from mid 40’s onward, even as late as early 60’s but there  is no hard and fast rule. It’s a transitional phase ending with the periods stopping. For some it can be a gradual shift, barely recognisable or for some others much more dramatic and hard hitting.

The Menopause is a liberating time of change and adjustment. It often coincides  with children leaving home, work pressures or difficulties in relationships. It can be an extremely difficult time for some women who are hit with a variety of symptoms. These include flushing, sweating, sleep issues, ”brain fog”, low self esteem with a much reduced libido. The emotional impact of Menopause  has women struggling too. In this youth obsessed culture it can be hard to feel positive about a transition in life that comes with age.

Luckily homeopathy has a wealth of remedies to cope with this stage which can impact women in so many different ways, but here  are a couple that are  often used.


Marvellous at helping with those who feel tired, rather jaded and lacking interest. This could perhaps be in their sexual, intimate and other relationships. They may find family responsibilities overwhelming. Flushes  might be frequent with a shivery feeling afterwards. There could be irritability, in particular towards loved ones, along with low mood and sadness. They might be also tearful & want to be consoled, but won’t feel satisfied  when they  are. They will mostly be  in their element when doing strenuous exercise, such as gym classes, dancing or long distance running.


This is well suited to women who are experiencing flushes of heat and temperament, perhaps with some outbursts of jealousy. It is suited to a chatty, vocal person who is sociable and inquisitive. Lachesis can benefit women experiencing symptoms with a particular pattern, like feeling worse on waking in the morning. People who suit this remedy might find wearing certain clothes really uncomfortable.

In Conclusion

For all the remedies mentioned in this article are 30c for home prescribing. Always stop taking once symptoms clear or if there is no improvement within 24-36 hours.

If you experience any of these symptoms for a prolonged period of time, you should consult your doctor.

Homeopathy has over 4000 remedies to choose from . Whatever it is you are struggling with there’ll be something to benefit you. To find out how  homeopathy can improve your health please book a free discovery call.

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