Going back to School?

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Homeopathy can make returning to school an easier transition!

With most children being out of school since March, these unprecedented times have served up a new set of challenges for both children and their parents.

Constantly changing advice from the British Government evolves daily on how your child should return to school in September with England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland all offering advice independently.

Emotions are running high for both children and parents alike.  How can you manage this transition? and what can you do to support your loved one

An image of a bottle of Rescue Remedy (a Bach Flower remedy

Bach Rescue Remedy.

Many of you will be familiar with Rescue Remedy. It can be taken in drops, spray or pastille form and is excellent for calming children. Easy to carry around in a school bag or pocket.  It works quickly, comforting the child, alleviating anxiety in a non-invasive way.  I have regularly relied on it myself and used it with my own children.

Essential Oils

They smell great and work quickly.  For the most benefit, simply smell your favourite oil – it goes straight into the ancient part of your brain controlling those basic survival instincts of fight or flight.

What are the best ways to use them?  It can be as easy as putting a few drops of essential oil onto a tissue and breathing in. Just be aware to fold the tissue so that the neat oil does not touch bare skin (as this can sting)

Another great way of inhaling the oils is to use a diffuser which gently warms the drops of essential oil in water, allowing the smell to be released into the atmosphere. I always recommend an electric diffuser as they have safety features. If you are one of those people who worry about things once they are in bed, this is an ideal way to use oils in the bedroom.

Lavender is a popular choice but there are many others including chamomile, frankincense, geranium and neroli, plus many more. These smell very different to each other, so it is worthwhile experimenting with different ones, finding the one that you like and works for you.

There are also roll on blends of different essential oils which are applied directly to the skin. Mainly put on the wrist areas, these have already been diluted in a base oil so are safe to use on the skin. This allows them to be used as and when needed (so they can be carried around, just like Rescue Remedy)

Homeopathy has many supporting remedies to help both children and adults in these worrying times.

A child can become anxious for many reasons, feeling scared, avoiding change, preferring to stay at home, low confidence, shyness, and other reasons. If this describes your child, there is good news!  There are many homeopathic remedies to support your child. Homeopathy, not only builds your child’s overall constitution but in doing so helps prevent further illnesses later on such as colds, flus, stomach bugs and panic attacks.

Every child responds to change in a different way, some may be anxious, others may feel physically sick by the change and others don’t “bat an eyelid” We all respond in different ways and so does a child.

Here are a few suggestions that may help at this time of this transition:

All suggested remedies are 30c for home prescribing. Always stop taking the remedy once symptoms improve or if there is no improvement in 24-36 hours.  I would suggest starting with a 30c potency twice a day for the first few days of school or nursery.

Homeopathy is safe, natural and can be used throughout the various life stages from birth through to the older years.

Weepy from separation from parentPULSATILLA
Weepy from separation from the childPULSATILLA
Panic on the dayACONITE
Fear of new situations/peopleSILICA
Anxious about leaving the security of homeCALC CARB
Fear something will happen to parents while outPHOSPHORUS
Very very shy, can’t participateBARTYA CARB
Anxious with diarrhoea, restless, panickyARGONITE

There are many choices, but these are quite common remedies to use in these situations.

For a tailored prescription, please book an acute 20 minute consultation with me at https://thefamilyhomeopath.co.uk/  this will enable me to decide on the best and most effective remedy.

This consultation is only for situations which are unusual for your child. If there is a consistent pattern of anxiety, then a full consultation will be required.

Not sure what you need? book a free discovery call at https://thefamilyhomeopath.co.uk/ so I can guide you to the best course of action.

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